Basics (KB 1)

All beginnings are hard, but the hardest thing is to get started.

You have never or rarely sailed before?

In this course you will become acquainted with sailing.

You will learn mainly by doing yourself !

 This you will learn (among other things);

  •  Healing the boat is part of sailing
  •  Rudder and sheet control
  •  Raising and lowering the sails
  •  Tacking (basic)
  •  Jybing 
  •  Heaving to
  •  Arriving and departing a windward shore
  •  Basic priority rules BPR
  •  Basic sailing knots

Your progressions are tracked on a progresslist

 After completing level KB1  you will receive an
You then have (at least)  the skills and knowledge similar to level CWO KEELBOOT 1 (Water Sports Training Committee)

You are now a good sailing mate and you are ready to move on to level 2. 
How long it takes you to complete level 1 depends on your talent, your motivation,  groupsize and weather conditions during lessons. (On average, a student needs about 8 lessons ) 


After the basics, it's now time to play with the boat and the elements.

 If you have mastered the basic skills well, you can also learn the more difficult maneuvers in this course. During this course, in addition to new maneuvers, the basic skills are often repeated and practiced so that this becomes a routine.  Learning by trying . 

 The following components (among others) are covered in this course;

  •   Deepening of the basic sailing skills
  •  (Better) Tacking
  •  Different jybe methods (including the chicken jybe)
  •  Reef
  •  Man Over Board Maneuver (Basic)
  •  Good mooring
  •  Motor Manoeuvering (Basics)
  •  Sailing knots and Line Handling
  •  Priority rules of way BPR
  •  Safety on the water

 After completing level KB 2 you will receive an

You then have (at least) the skills and knowledge similar to KIELBOOT II of the CWO (Water Sports Training Committee)

 You are now a novice skipper.  You have all the skills to sail independently under calm conditions (up to wind force 4).  If you wish, you can now also rent a boat yourself to further develop yourself into an experienced skipper.

 How long it takes you to complete Level 2 depends on;  talent, motivation, groupsize and weather conditions.  On average, a student takes about 16 lessons after achieving level 1.


Become a pro!

Do you want to learn even more after completing level 2 and become a true all-round sailor?  Then this course is really something for you!

 The following components are covered in this course (among others).

  • Hoisting and lowering (during sailing)
  •  Sail trim
  •  Man Over Board Maneuvers
  •  Arriving and departing from a leeshore
  •  Anchoring under sail
  •  BPR knowledge
  •  Engine maneuvering
  •  Theory of forces and moments on the ship

 After completing level KB 3  you will receive an

 You then have at least the skills and knowledge similar to KIELBOOT III of the CWO (Water Sports Training Committee)

 You are then an all-round sailor and you know all the ins and outs, tips and tricks.  How long it takes you to complete Level 3 depends on;  talent, groupsize, motivation, and weather conditions.  
On average, after achieving level 2, a student takes about 12 lessons + self-study theory.